Ice Cream

Feeling like some cotton candy but also want to cool down? What about a morning coffee that also serves as a fabulous treat? Honey Creme offers it all and everything in between while also being made fresh daily and naturally sweetened with honey. The signature flavour is, obviously, "comb honey" and must be tasted to be believed, while the affogato coffee option can be made to specifically suit the caffeine lovers desired strength! The Honey Creme flavours are a nod to the ice cream parlors of yesteryear, with savory flavours like “popcorn”, “organic cotton candy”, “Churros” and “macaron” also on offer to mix N match or enjoy on their own with a single serving. Honey Creme also delivers on modern flavours, with a "Tiramisu" option for adventurous ice cream lovers and “cereal milk” for those who want to enjoy breakfast in the most original and tasty way imaginable!

But for something new, Homey Creme rotates and provides new flavours frequently. So make sure you don't miss out.


Milk Shake

Sometimes ice cream is better with a straw than a spoon, especially on a melting hot Australian summer day. Using natural honey instead of sweetener, and real fruit, Honey Creme milk shakes are the healthiest guilty pleasures around. Anything is possible at Honey Creme, where milk shakes are made with the finest organic ingredients to create a drink that will perfectly melt in your mouth.


Fruit Tea

For those who want something different to go with the ice cream, or want to forgo it all together, Honey Creme will still make your tummy happy. A variety of refreshing fruit tea flavours are available, using fresh, supple and amazing tasting products. As a perfect combination of fresh fruit and tea, while using premium tea leaves and seasonal fresh fruit, the refreshing drinks are served cold. For something completely different, Honey Creme offers a range of Cheese Fruit Tea, a unique alternative to the usual milk. Using real fresh cheese, these salty and sweet drinks taste like a liquid cheesecake and will compliment both your ice cream and your day!


Bobo Milk Series

Have you check out our new bobo product range? Our new bobo milk series has combined all your favourites into one drink. This is one of the best thing that you have to try.